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First Impressions


Its been a pretty busy first couple of days in WoW. I have rolled my first character, Wulfmaster, Dwarf Hunter of Dragonblight. I’ve been busy questing in Dun Morogh (at level 12 already), and have also started the Engineering and Mining professions. Being an engineer in real life, that decision at least was a no-brainer, and I love it in-game. Honestly, who wouldn’t love something when it lets you create a “World Enlarger”. Even if you have to wait until Artisan to make it. So, anyway, back to the point.

First things first, the look and feel of the game. Being a LotRO player I’ve been spoilt with beautiful graphics. WoW is 3 years older, and it shows. However, it’s perfectly decent, actually pretty good compared to most MMOs. Sound and music are also pretty good too. I’ve only quested so far in Dun Morogh, with the occasional visit to Ironforge. I like this zone. The mountains look good and feel natural, and a gryphon flight (or the so-called Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher) lets you really appreciate it. Snow is nice too. But then, WoW is made by Blizzard, so you would expect it to be.

I’ve played a hunter (or similar) in pretty much all the games I’ve played, and so far it’s looking not too bad in WoW. I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with my pet bear, Bobby, even if I sure am a long way from mastering it.

Since I played WoW a bit before Cataclysm, I can also report on the changes in Dun Morogh since then. Firstly, WOOOOOOT! Gnomeregan has been reclaimed! They’ve re-opened the airfield, and Coldridge Pass has collapsed. Which is good, because I hated that place.

Obviously, I’m only a trial lowbie, so I’ve got a huge amount to learn, do and explore, from raiding and instances, to high level crafting, to the entire continents of the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend and the awesomely named Maelstrom. Which brings me perfectly to my final point. This game is HUGE. Absolutely mind-bogglingly overwhelmingly ENORMOUS. But very, very good. And epic. 11 million people can’t be wrong.

Pros: Its big and immersive. Wonderful naming of everything i.e. “Operation Discombobulation” quest. Engineering. Cataclysm changes to Azeroth (an expansion with not only high level content!) Vague memories of the awesome new Stormwind City .That is, with the harbor. So not really that new.

Cons: Not quite as good graphics as some games, but thats about it.


p.s. Being a trial account I can’t post ads on the forums, so tell your friends. Also, leave a comment on the comments page if your willing to advertise. You will be rewarded with much credit and as many World Enlargers as you like. Thank you.


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Well…Hey Guys.
I’m usually a LotRO player (loving Rise of Isengard) but, recently, a few of my friends have started to play WoW. Since its free, at least to level 20, I thought I’d give it a try. I have played LotRO for a year and am level 71, and I regularly read mmo sites such as TTH and Massively, so I’m not quite a MMO nub. I have played Warcraft for a couple of months (I dont think I got past 20 ever) pre-Cataclysm. And then I really was a WoW nub.
For example, I didnt realise that you couldnt just nip over to Gadgetzan or Bounty Bay or whatever its called at any old level. Which usually included a lot of swimming and dying. 😐 Not Good.

So, I’ll be posting my adventures in wow Starter Edition noobyness. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh. I should probably mention that “nub” = “noob”. Its just someone already has the site.

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