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Well…Hey Guys.
I’m usually a LotRO player (loving Rise of Isengard) but, recently, a few of my friends have started to play WoW. Since its free, at least to level 20, I thought I’d give it a try. I have played LotRO for a year and am level 71, and I regularly read mmo sites such as TTH and Massively, so I’m not quite a MMO nub. I have played Warcraft for a couple of months (I dont think I got past 20 ever) pre-Cataclysm. And then I really was a WoW nub.
For example, I didnt realise that you couldnt just nip over to Gadgetzan or Bounty Bay or whatever its called at any old level. Which usually included a lot of swimming and dying. 😐 Not Good.

So, I’ll be posting my adventures in wow Starter Edition noobyness. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh. I should probably mention that “nub” = “noob”. Its just someone already has the site.

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